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There is no better basement™
Matrix has finished over 500 basement remodeling projects in the Chicago area in the last 3 years and is now the fastest growing basement finishing company in the nation, having added dealers in 2012 in Central Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Maryland, and Virginia. Matrix products are all manufactured in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Why a Matrix Basement?

Matrix Basement Systems are eco-friendly, paperless, seamless smooth panel Advanced Basement System that allows homeowners to design basements using their own personal style. Our unique process for finishing seams eliminates unsightly divider strips and vinyl tape. Our seamless panels connect so beautifully they are completely indistinguishable from the walls in the rest of your home.

Energy Efficient
Doubles Your Insulating Properties

Our panels are super insulates and will give a room a 5-6 degree temperature difference. Each panel has an R-18 insulation value.

Seamless & Paintable
Eco-friendly, paperless and seamless

Matrix offers a unique, eco-friendly, paperless, seamless and smooth panel advanced basement system that allows homeowners to design basements using their own personal style.

Mold & Waterproof
GUARANTEED to never mold!

We’ve all heard about the dangers to our health which mold can pose (aggravating asthma and other serious issues), and even a basement with no water intrusion provides an ideal environment for mold growth.

Outstanding Warranty
50 Year Warranty

Matrix Basement Finishing System warrants the basement panels to be free from defects for a period of 50 years under normal use and building practices.

Services Overview

We’ll make your life more comfortable

Our wall system is a cutting edge innovative, and technological advancement in the construction industry. Made of MgO (magnesium oxide) and expanded Polystyrene foam (a superior form of waterproof insulation), our panels are made to replace all framework, fiberglass insulation, and drywall – completely. A track is laid and secured onto the concrete foundation floor, following the home specific floor plan of every wall. Then, each 4′ x 8′ panel is set in place into the track vertically. MgO splines are placed into the side of every panel to help connect them to each other and secure the seam. The seams are then stapled and filled with an antimicrobial epoxy, followed by a light coat of antimicrobial mud and sanding.

The top of the panel is secured to the floor joist of the home. Each panel has two pre-made vertical chases for electrical passage. When the walls are installed, these passages can be found every 16 inches running from top to bottom. Our panels exceed every standard in the construction and home improvement industry.

Insulation: each panel is an R-18 value

Strength: supports over 300 lbs. (no studs, no professional mounting needed).

Sound: each panel is proven to have twice the sound absorption of drywall, fiberglass, and studs

Seam: each panel is seamless and fully paintable

Energy Efficient: our panels are super insulates and will give a room at 5-6 degree temperature difference

500% stronger than drywall

Mold Proof: each panel is non-carbon based and is guaranteed NEVER to mold

Waterproof: each panel is 100% non-water absorbent

Fire Resistant: each panel has an A fire rating

Eco-Friendly: our panels are made from non-toxic, inorganic, green material. No unsettling dust or harmful air to breathe in.

Basement Design Services

Ready to get started?

Call Dan at 309-657-7585 or 689-0087 for a free estimate and a gift for allowing us to come into your home and demonstrate the Matrix product. We will do a needs analysis, basement layout design, product options, and custom proposal.

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